frex clean-t

Frex Clean-T

Frex Clean-t is a new eye shampoo that was specially designed to clean the eyelids and eyelashes thoroughly. Frex Clean-T contains extracts of tea tree oil and calendula and has a ph similar to tears . It has anti-inflammatory and antiviral components and controls the accumulation of bacteria,mites and fungus.

Frex Clean-T increased efficacy in:

  • Demodex Blepharitis
  • Infectious Blepharitis
  • Seborrheic Blepharitis
  • Eyelid problems caused by irritation

Download this brochure to find out more about Frex Clean-t:


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Frex Clean-T


FrexClean®-T is a nouvelle microbicidal and acaricidal foaming solution that is designed for the daily cleansing of eyelids and eyelashes with desquamations, flaking or irritations caused by mucosa and makeup detritus.

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